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To rebuild the 4r100 there are a few tools that make life much better. Whether you need 4r100 wiring diagram information, 4r100 transmission rebuilders tips, 4r100 technical information, 4r100 diagnostics, 4r100 troubleshooting help, or just answers to your 4r100 transmission rebuilders question, the transmission rebuilders network is the place to go. To view applications begin by selecting the vehicle manufacturer listed below. Most popular ford 4r100 transmission rebuild kit 9804 hd. We include performance clutches, bearings, pressure plates and other hard parts to completely overhaul your ford transmission.

Build bookcases for added storage or make an old bookshelf new again. E4od, 4r100 this transmission will handle up to 450 hp, it has all new ford parts and custom machined parts by john wood. All rings, seals and gaskets are included, plus all bushings, bearings and sprags. Buy transmission repair and rebuild manuals for automatic and manual vehicles. A vehicle is made with numerous software and hardware components. The black beast diesel 4r100 transmission is tough enough to withstand the rigors of even the toughest trucks delivering heavy duty towing and hauling capacity. Sinister diesel reserves right to modify, change or cancel any offer before, during andor after any sale or transaction.

Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. When the time comes to rebuild a gm transmission for a highperformance application, a handful of builders are mentioned over and. It has a three year unlimited mile warranty, and its rates to 550600 hp. Patc builds ford performance transmissions in many levels. Ford 4r100 e4od transmission master rebuild kit 2001up. The idea is to make it as clear and with as much detail as possible covering all aspects of it from removal and install fromback into the truck, disassembly. If you own a 4l60e transmission, then your transmission has the capabilities of an overdrive transmission. E4od 4r100 transmission shift kits, transgo performance. Largest selection if you dont find the part, well get it for you. E4od 4r100 transmission rebuild kits e4od 4r100 transmission parts atsg e4od transmission repair manuals.

Visit diy ford for installation and transmission guide. Now i want to change the filter and fluid and cannot find ford or motocraft mercon xt2qdx. In 1998 ford updated the e4od transmission to the 4r100 in what was to be the last rendition of fords c6 model line. If you have a pto transmission, you must put a pto transmission back in. The term rebuilt can have different meanings from shop to shop. We are proud to offer the best rebuilding kits for your diesel transmission that money can buy.

Atsg 4r100 ford transmission repair manual 4r100 transmission rebuild kit 4r100 transmission pan best repair book available. Transmission control switch tcs, also referred to general description as overdrive cancel switch, and a transmission the ford 4r100 automatic transmission is a four control indicator lamp tcil, located on the end of forward speed unit with electronic shift control. Engineered to dominate, the black beast diesel 4r100 transmission is tough enough to withstand the rigors of even the toughest trucks delivering heavy duty towing and hauling capacity. Upon laying out all clutch plates, steel plates, bearing kit, thrust washer kit, lip seal kit, and misc products i was pleased to see that i would replacing all parts within transmission. The ford 4r100 automatic transmission was introduced in 1999 and was mated to the 7. Jul 01, 2004 how to rebuild your th2004r, so youll never need one again. May 01, 2010 check out this story where we show you the makings of a bulletproof ford 4r100 automatic transmission for your ford super duty diesel pickup trucks. The staff has been amazing to work with and takes care of their customers better than any other company i have ever dealt with. The transmission comes with custom high efficient billet converter. I can take my time and rebuild it rock solid and pay for it slowly. E4od, 4r100 gas, and all van e350e450 transmissions built upon request. Goplus transmission spring compressor, automatic transmission clutch removing installing tool kit, strut spring compressor.

He machines your transmission and redesigns a lot of things to increase performance and life of the transmission. If you are comfortable working on your your own engine, you can rebuild your transmission as well. Unfollow 4r100 transmission to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I promise you that the next transmission i have to replace or any other person i hear of needing a transmission i will be heavily promoting monster transmission and tell them that i personally use monster transmission. How to deal with 4r100 transmission problems in ford vehicle. That is the automatic transmission service group, they have repair rebuild manuals for lots of trannys, including the 4r100. A standard rebuild consists of only replacing items that are completely. This beast of a transmission is featured in ford fseries super duty trucks, excursions, expeditions, svt lightning and e series vans. Patc ford transmissions, c6, aod, 4r70w, 4r100, 5r110w and. Vehicles equipped with the 4r100 transmission have a transmission control switch tcs, also referred to as overdrive cancel switch, and a transmission control indicator lamp tcil, located on the end of the manual gear shift lever, as shown in figure 3. The nationwide coverage offered by certified transmission at our 5 omaha shop locations is among the best in the transmission repair industry. Every 4r100 transmission is fully remanufactured and upgraded to the max, making this sale price the best value around.

Tools required to rebuild a 2004r february 2nd, 2012, 10. If you retain the stock pcmvcm, it can probably be modified or reflashed to disable the transmission functionality. E4od 4r100 transmission parts e4od 4r100 transmission kit. Our 5 certified transmission shops in omaha proudly stands behind the work performed by our transmission specialists with a standard 3 year100,000 mile warranty on all replacement automatic transmissions. E4od e40d 4r100 super overhaul transmission rebuild kit. These kits feature the same technology and parts that we use in our in house transmission builds.

With over 40 years of transmission experience, our technicians provide transmission repair, transmission rebuild and transmission exchange service in north nj. Rebuilding an automatic transmission may be intimidating to some, but. Transmission repair manuals diy transmission rebuilds. As an auto repair shop, service center, or fleet maintenance facility, when you need transmissions rebuilt or parts, you need the right products in a hurry. Buy e4od e40d 4r100 super overhaul transmission rebuild kit. Over all i am extremely pleased with the transmission, you cannot purchase a better one from someone else. This is our most popular rebuild kit for fords 4r100 automatic transmission which contains all the heavy duty parts and components required to complete your 4r100 rebuild project. Ship direct to repair shop we provide an outthedoor price, with shipping, for a replacement remanufactured 4r100 transmission direct to the repair shop. Ford 4r100 2001up transmission rebuild kit 4x4 heavy duty master kit stage 3 ebay.

Ford trucks 4r100 transmission rebuild repair manual promises to be the most useful reference information youre going to find for working on this transmission. To service the reverse clutch piston seals you will need 2 3 inch or longer 516 24 all thread studs. We work with different manufacturers in the development of stronger parts. Master transmission overhaul kit 19992002 ford 4r100. Ford e4od 4r100 kits and parts welcome to our e4od 4r100 products page. European exchange has been a transmission shop in nj since 1992. Ford 4r100 transmission basic overhaul kit by ats, part number 39103224. Homeadvisors cost to build bookshelves guide gives average costs and details and process to hang or build cabinets or bookshelves. Transgo extreme duty tugger shift kit ford truck e4od. Ford e4od 4r100 transmission overhaul rebuild master kit 2001. Master transmission overhaul kit 19992003 ford 4r100. Tips for diy 4l60e transmission repair the 4l60e guide.

Ford trucks 4r100 transmission rebuild manual 19982004 atsg. Installation and operation manual for e4od and 4r100. Use the pictures below to identify the 19892005 e4od 4r100. It comes as a performance mega package and also has a ss variant for those needing a higher horsepower and torque rating. I decided to rebuild it myself since it was on my list of stuff i always wanted to learn. Ats master transmission overhaul kit 19992002 ford 4r100. The 4r100 transmission is a 4speed ford automatic transmission designed for rearwheel drive trucks and suvs. The included directions are designed for experienced rebuilders so the haynes gm transmission manual is a helpful resource, with lots of pictures and step by step instructions. Just completed the 4r100 rebuild and everything went smooth until testing. Ford 4r100 2001up transmission rebuild kit 4x4 heavy. I am thinking about finding a used 4r100 and getting a book and attempting to rebuild it. Dec 02, 2015 tips for diy 4l60e transmission repair december 2, 2015 diy 4l60e transmissions are a stronger transmission than average. However, high mileage or damage to your transmission can cause it to underperform and eventually burn itself out. I have a 1998 ford expedition with a 4r100 tranny with 140k miles.

Patc ford performance transmissions, c4, c6, aod, 4r70w, e4od, 4r100, 5r110w, 6r80 and others. If youve been following the build series of articles on the 2003 ford f350 7. Shop our full collection of diesel truck transmission kits online today. I drove 3 hours home pulling a trailer weighing approx. Automatic transmission kit, master overhaul with clutch. Shift rite transmissions replacement for 4r100 19982005 5. Shift rite transmissions replacement for 4r100 9604 hd hp 4r100 accumulator body sonnax transgo update valve e4od transmission shift rite 4r100. How to deal with 4r100 transmission problems in ford. When i switch to drive the engine takes on load like it wants to go into drive, but it wont move no matter how hard i rev the engine. Extreme heavy duty, performance transmissions and parts for 4r100 and e4od at patc. How to rebuild a ford 4r100 automatic transmission also watch my videos on how to rebuild a 4r70w in a 3 part series where i also show how to install a shift kit that improves the quality of the.

E4od 8995 mega monster in a box rebuild kit monster transmission. Suncoast performance difference were the experts ask us anything. It has been dealer serviced at 60k and 90k using factory spec xt2qdx. Rebuild kits free delivery possible on eligible purchases. The ats ford rebuild kits offer the industryleading parts we put into our transmission packages.

I parked the truck for the night, start the truck in. It also has a billet forward drum, cyrod shafts are standard. How to rebuild a ford 4r100 automatic transmission also watch my videos on how to rebuild a 4r70w in a 3 part series where i also show how. These transmission rebuild kits feature all of the same components that go into bds inhouse built transmissions check out the deal on bd buildit transmission kits 9903 7. Buy remanufactured 4r100 e4od transmissions factory direct at street smart transmission. Shift rite transmissions replacement for 4r100 9804 rebuilt pump assembly transmission f8tp new gears 4r100 shift rite. Atsg 4r100 technical manual is necessary to diagnose, overhaul andor repair the 4r100 transmission.

It comes as a performance mega package and also has a ss variant for those. When you are looking for the best rebuild kit for your diy or local shop build then the only choice is revmax. Shift rite transmissions replacement for e4od 19901997 7. The monsterinabox transmission rebuild kits for the e4od and 4r100 are available for ford vehicles. For example, whether your rebuilt 4r100 transmission will have all of the oe manufacturer updates and upgrades to increase its strength and longevity will vary from shop to shop. Use of the tcs for this purpose allows flexibility in choosing the engine management system, in addition to the increased control, performance, and transmission durability afforded by quick 1. Equipped with a manualautomatic valve body, most units allow you to manually shift the vehicle into each gear change or, by placing it in the drive position. Ford 4r100 2001up transmission rebuild kit 4x4 heavy duty master kit. The kit comes with any and all part you would need to make your transmission a monster.

Save money by making repairs and performance upgrades yourself. Automatic transmission rebuild kits 4r100 transmission type. Heavy duty diesel 4r100 4wd transmission, hd 4r100. Patc is on the cutting edge of performance rear wheel drive american transmission development. The 4r100 automatic transmission is very similar to the e4od, except for internal changes to components to correct durability concerns when coupled with the increasinly strong ford. This transmission is aimed for the stock to slightly modified truck and heavy towing. Heavy duty diesel 4r100 transmission, monster diesel 4r100. In fact, we encourage anyone that works on transmissions to take a look at our library of books from automatic transmission. Ford f350 transmission fluid leak from pump seal or breather on 19992003 ford 4r100. These kits utilize the latest proven friction materials and steel technology from industry leading companies such as alto, exedy, and raybestos.

This 4r100 transmission valve body kit doubles low and intermediate clutch pressure in manual low for downhill hauling, high speed manual shift to 1st gear and the high demand of exhaust brakes. Patc ford transmissions, c6, aod, 4r70w, 4r100, 5r110w and others. A bookcase, or bookshelf, is a piece of furniture with horizontal shelves, often in a cabinet, used to store books or other printed materials. Mercon fluid alternative 4r100 transmission bob is the. Amongst them, the gear box or transmission plays an essential part in the function of the car, just like the brain and heart in our body. As such, inspecting it regularly can help you discover some problems that may have been easy to miss otherwise. Transmission parts online e4od 4r100 transmission parts. Monster transmission read before purchasing 4r100 monster.

The performance aftermarket stepped up with heavyduty parts to make them even better. Automatic transmission rebuild kits 4r100 transmission. Toyota corolla a240, a245 transmission rebuild kits. One transgo performance tugger shift kit for an e4od or 4r100 4 speed electronic automatic transmission. In how to rebuild and modify ford c4 and c6 automatic transmissions, author george reid walks readers through the process stepbystep, from removing the transmission, to complete overhaul, to proper reinstallation and road testing. Certified transmission offers the following resource for those interested in knowing vehicle applications for the remanufactured 4r100 transmission. Fords 4r100 transmission can be found in 1999 and up trucks.

This specific technical manual covers assembly, disassembly, diagnosis, troubleshooting, electronic controls and operation for the 4r100. I was surprised how little info and diys are out there on this transmission. Buy automatic transmission kit, master overhaul with clutch plates atp 16034 online from napa auto parts stores. Remanufactured 4r100 transmissions street smart transmission. The makings of a bulletproof ford 4r100 transmission diesel. It comes with everything you need to rebuild your 700r4. We offer basic and deluxe kits, as well as individual parts for your transmission project. Suncoasts ford series rebuild kits cover all years from 19892015 kit part number dependent upon year. This transgo extreme duty stage 2 shift kit provides the durability, firmness and control of a reprogramming kit with the added toughness of a tugger kit. Check out the deal on bd performance 4r100 transmission 9903 7. This rebuild kit includes all of the friction clutches, steel plates, sealing rings, metal clad seals, gaskets, orings, pistons, rubber piston seals. The e4od 4r100 level 4 transmission comes with a high performance transgo tugger shiftkit and sonnax.

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